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Zurzeit sind unsere Voice und Game Server Offline. Grund dafür ist ein Netzwerk Problem. Wir wissen leider auch nicht wie lange dies noch Dauern wird bis die Server wieder ohne Probleme laufen.
Sobald wir mehr wissen geben wir euch umgehend bescheid.


-Skill Rating range now 1-5000 instead of 1-100

-Skill Rating Tiering 7 tiers total

(Gold/Silver/Bronze/Diamond/Master/Grandmaster/etc) depending on rating.

-You will remain in the tier even if you drop below the raw # rating below the tier threshold.

Ex: if you hit Diamond and fall out of the cutoff range, you will still remain in "Diamond" tier

-Sudden Death is no longer in game

For Assault modes (ex: Volskaya, Hanamura), there will still be time bank but with adjustments to replace sudden death.

Hybrid modes (payload) - time bank coming to this mode. Ties expected to be rare

-Ranked Delay will now be activated for top ranks after 7 days of inactivity

-Queuing together will have Group Rating adjusted (depending on tier & rating)

More aggressive limits in terms of grouping (ex: reducing wide disparity in SR for...